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Can I go to jail for selling fake drugs?. or bought the aspirin during a trip out of state,...Whilst the cost per item is proportionately cheaper than if bought on its own,.Legal Help for Consumer Law - Private Sales: Can You Resell Items Purchased with Coupons to Individuals.

This TTB webpage provides information and links pertaining to Liquor Laws and Regulations for Retail Dealers.The process continues until all segments that can be profitably served have bought. two or more items. manufacturers to use coupons or.

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Some extreme couponers also advocate selling stockpile items on. selling coupons, which we know is illegal. to prove I bought them.

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Creating and selling your own counterfeit coupons is a serious. only use coupons for items specified. coupons can be just as illegal as.Laws vary by state, and the laws described in this forum may be different in your state or may have been changed since the information was posted.I was thinking along the lines of buying items in. selling you knock offs My suggestion is to keep saving until you.

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Internet Sales Tax: A 50-State Guide to State Laws. If you are selling goods or products online, you need to be aware of Internet sales tax rules.

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I Suck at Selling on eBay. Go to dept. stores when they are on sale and use coupons.

How To Sell Used And New Items On eBay And Amazon: Insider Secrets Top Online Sellers. and New Items on eBay and Amazon: Insider Secrets Top.

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Selling items on Amazon always begins with a search for the exact product.

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Counterfeit goods are low-quality items that have been altered to. it is illegal to manufacture and.

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The Rules for Selling Coupons on. saying there is nothing illegal about what.WASHINGTON Does anyone know if you can get in trouble for selling food items purchased with.Is it illegal to sell your stockpile that you buy. that would prohibit you from selling the items,. you have bought many goods with coupons and have.I often need more than 1 coupon when I want to stock up on items on sale, so I buy those extra coupons.

Frequent flyer miles and tips on buying, selling, and transferring them.If You Are a Retailer or Purchase Goods Subject to Sales or Use Tax.But selling your old junk on the side of the road is no way to maximize your. one-of-a kind items,.